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Frequently Asked Questions

About PeaceTalks

  1. + Which organizations partner with PeaceGeeks for PeaceTalks?

    Amnesty International Vancouver, Oxfam Canada, and British Columbia’s Council for International Cooperation are some of our PeaceTalk partners. They support us with financial and logistical resources in order to run our talks. 

  2. + What are Vancouver PeaceTalks?

    Vancouver PeaceTalks is our effort to benefit from the diverse diaspora community in Vancouver who come from all around the world with various backgrounds and choose this city as their home. There is so much expertise in this city and we are excited to share it with you.

    These talks are a tool for raising public awareness related to peace, human rights and role of communities in social changes. The idea is to engage the general public, specifically young people in Vancouver, about approaches related to peace and community building. PeaceTalks are an interactive forum designed to bring people together to learn about issues that threaten stability, liberty and well-being across the globe. The talks are led by expert presenters who share information related to the topic of the evening followed by a discussion facilitated by a moderator. 

  3. + Can I suggest a new topic for PeaceTalks?

    We welcome suggestions on PeaceTalks topics and speakers. To make a suggestion, please contact

  4. + Where can I see examples of previous PeaceTalks?

    Our past PeaceTalks can be view on our Events page. 

Volunteering With PeaceGeeks

  1. + What happens after I submit my CV?

    A member of our recruiting team will review your skills & qualifications in relation to the knowledge, skills and abilities that are required and stated in the job description.  If you are shortlisted for a position one of our recruiters will be in contact to arrange a phone interview. Following the phone interview, the hiring manager may wish to conduct a second interview focused on your applicable skills relevant to the role.

  2. + Can I volunteer remotely?

    While certain roles require some amount of onsite collaboration, the majority of your work as a volunteer will be done remotely. 

  3. + What is the time commitment for volunteers?

    Volunteers are expected to commit approximately 7 to 10 hours a week, depending on the project. 

  4. + What expertise does PeaceGeeks need?

    Anything really. Event planners, software developers, graphic designers, public relations experts, admin staff, project managers, international development experts and students to name a few.


About Amani

  1. + What is Amani?

    Amani is a website development platform developed by PeaceGeeks for international grassroots organizations working on the issues of peace, accountability and human rights. We work with approved partners over a 3-4 month period to get your organization's website up and running. You can see an example of a site

General Questions

  1. + What is the difference between PeaceGeeks and PeaceGeeks International?

    PeaceGeeks Society (PGS) is a British Columbia-based non-profit organization that support grassroots peacebuilding organizations in developing and conflict affected places. It funds PGS projects only, some of which might not meet the definition of charitable according to the Canada Revenue Agency. It also manages the operations of both organizations. 


    PeaceGeeks International (PGI) is a British Columbia-based non-profit society AND registered charitable organization in Canada. PGI's sole function is to approve and fund partner projects that qualify as charitable according to the Canada Revenue Agency's rules about charities. These approved projects are then executed by PeaceGeeks Society.

  2. + How does PeaceGeeks raise funds?

    We have an annual fundraising campaign every fall. We have received funding from foundations and project sponsorships in the past. We also  accept donations through PeaceGeeks International Charity.

  3. + How much of a time commitment does PeaceGeeks require?

    Time commitment varies according to the volunteer position. 

  4. + How can I volunteer with PeaceGeeks?

    If you are interested in volunteering with PeaceGeeks, please apply through our Volunteer Registration Form. You can either submit a general project or apply directly to one of the projects listed. Only those candidates who are shortlisted will be contacted. Click on the following link for more information about volunteering:

  5. + How can I get involved?

    Volunteer: Help with client projects or with our internal team to raise awareness about relevant countries, issues and technologies.

    Donate: Support our work with organizations promoting peace, democracy and human rights.  To find out more about the wide range of contibution options click the following link:

    Sponsor: Sponsor a specific project with skilled volunteers, technical support and financial resources. 

    Project Partner: PeaceGeeks aims to partner with non-profit organizations in developing and conflict-affected countries on technology, communications and management projects that aim to promote the advancement of peace, accountability and human rights.

Donating to PeaceGeeks

  1. + How do I get a replacement receipt?

    To receive a receipt for your donation, please contact

  2. + How can I stay updated on PeaceGeeks’ projects?

    To stay updated on how your donation is helping PeaceGeeks’ impact lasting-change through civil societies in conflict-affected areas across the globe, visit our website.

  3. + How can I help PeaceGeeks aside from donating?

    Aside from donating, you can support PeaceGeeks through volunteering, by helping with client projects or with our internal team. If you are interested, please apply at

  4. + How can I raise money for PeaceGeeks through fundraising?

    Giving groups are a fast, easy, and highly effective way to fundraise for PeaceGeeks. It’s easy to start a fundraising page by visiting and choosing the “start a fundraising page” button.

  5. + How will my donation help?

    Your donation will help fund the development of technology for civil societies in developing and conflict-affected areas.

  6. + Why support PeaceGeeks with a financial donation?

    Financial donations make it possible for PeaceGeeks to continue supporting grassroots changemakers in their communities. Your contributions help us to help our partners to create strong civil societies, which we believe are essential for peace and human rights to be lived realities.

  7. + How do I choose a specific project to support?

    You can choose one of PeaceGeeks' many projects to sponsor by checking them out at You can also contact to find out more about how to sponsor projects.

  8. + How do I donate to PeaceGeeks?

    You can donate online at or through Chimp during our annual crowdfunding campaign that takes place in the Fall.

    Also, you can choose to sponsor a specific project. To explore project sponsorship options, please contact

Becoming a Project Partner

  1. + How do I get an Amani site?

    Partners who need an Amani based website can submit a project request. Partners must describe: domain and hosting needs, project team and contact info, etc. You can read more details about Amani project at and you can apply to become a PeaceGeeks partner at