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PEACETALKS #36: Attacked for Defending the Land

Guest Speaker:
Emily Jacobi, Chandu Claver, Tara Scurr
Apr 5, 2017
6:00 to 7:30PM
HiVE Vancouver

Everyday around the globe, men, women and youth speak out in defence of the land and environment and in favour of clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. But in many parts of the world they are killed and imprisoned because their activism challenges the politicians and companies that want to control the use of their lands and resources. Panel members will describe current campaigns and how we can all raise our voice to support defenders of the earth.

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EMILY JACOBI, Founder & Executive Director of Digital Democracy, is passionate about leveraging technology to empower marginalized communities. Beginning her career as a youth journalist at the age of 13, she has led technology, media and research projects in Latin America, West Africa, Southeast Asia and the US. Prior to founding Digital Democracy, she worked for Internews Network, and as Assistant Bureau Director for Y-Press. Emily has presented on the intersection of technology, civic engagement and human rights to US Congress, the State Department, the United Nations, and numerous universities and technology conferences. Devoted to protecting the environment and democratizing the design process, at Digital Democracy Emily works with the staff and board, oversees strategic planning and development and works directly with grassroots partners to design programs and tools that empower marginalized communities to defend their rights.

CHANDU CLAVER is a tribe member of the Igorot mountain nation of the Northern Philippines, and a physician-surgeon by original profession. Since 1987, he has been an active indigenous rights activist and organizer for the Cordillera Peoples Alliance for the Defense of the Ancestral Domain, and for Self-Determination. He had been involved in the campaign against the “development aggression” of the Philippine State, and the plunder of the ancestral lands and natural resources by local and foreign corporations of the extractive industry. Violently persecuted by the Philippine State in 2006, he was forced to seek refuge in Canada where he was granted political asylum. Presently, he works as a caregiver in a shelter for the homeless in Victoria. He is also the Canada spokesperson for the Cordillera Peoples’ Alliance.

TARA SCURR is Amnesty International Canada's Business and Human Rights campaigner. Her first visit to Guatemala in 1993 introduced her to men and women fighting for respect for their basic human rights. In 2006, she joined Amnesty's BHR team and in 2011 participated in Amnesty`s international research mission to Guatemala to investigate the impact of extractives industries on Indigenous peoples.

This event is moderated by PETER WOOD, who currently manages the David Suzuki Foundation’s Blue Dot campaign, which seeks to enshrine environmental rights within Canada’s constitution. He has worked on a variety of issues at the nexus of environmental and human rights for over 15 years, including for organizations such as West Coast Environmental Law, Global Witness, IISD, and the UN.


PeaceGeeks and Amnesty International would like to give special thanks to Lush for making this talk happen.

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Mar 28, 2017
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