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Current Volunteer Openings

  1. + Projects Director


    The Project Director works from The Hive office and/or home flexibly. This position reports to the Executive Director. The successful candidate will receive training on the PeaceGeeks current products, activities, and processes. This position is a committee position contributing 5-7 hours per week.

    • Working with the Projects and Technical Teams to develop project strategies for advancing the strategic priorities of the organizations.
    • Refining projects structures and policies for the effective management of current and future projects.
    • Corresponding with Project Managers to identify and resolve key strategic and operational matters that are impacting on project success
    • Providing support to Project Manager towards advancing project and program objectives.


    To be able to successfully perform this role, the Project Director should have:

    • Minimum 8 to 10 years of experience in project management, specifically in technology projects
    • Bachelor in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, EE or IT related
    • Knowledge of leadership and management as they relate to non-profit / volunteer organizations
    • Articulate, able to think strategically
    • Proficient use of skype, Google+ and other telecommuting tools
    • Ability to handle confidential information and maintain a high degree of ethics


    • Gain practical experience working on projects with multinational teams across the world
    • Learning about relevant international issues that we work on
    • Make an impactful contribution to peace-building work in developing, non-democratic and conflict-affected places
    • Collaborate and network with an amazing group of volunteers
    • Personal and professional development