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Through strategic partnerships with companies invested in global opportunities, we see a world where every grassroots organization can leverage technology to achieve peace.
PeaceGeeks & You

PeaceGeeks could not do what it does without the generosity of companies like yours. Our network of volunteers rely on our corporate partners to provide essential funding and other skills-based resources to empower us to do our work. In turn, we provide an opportunity for you to enhance your brand and engage your employees, all for the advancement of peace, accountability and human rights. PeaceGeeks sees a future where corporate and not-for-profit organizations work together to advance social good.Become one of our valued corporate contributors by sponsoring a PeaceGeeks event or project.





Empower your employees Harness your expertise for social good Enhance your brand Retain and attract staff and customers




Work to advance peace and human rights Expand your network Increase exposure for your business Make a difference


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Sponsor a Project

Your company is world-class, your employees are world-class, your product is world-class- so the causes you sponsor should be too. By sponsoring a PeaceProject you are supporting world-class work to address important human rights issues that affect the lives of millions living in communities around the world that are limited in their own abilities to address them. Although these organizations have a local impact, not many people have heard of them yet, and this is your opportunity to stand out by standing with them, making their cause your cause and showcasing why both of you are world-class!

Sponsor a PeaceTalk

Sponsoring a PeaceTalk is a great way to give back and show your clients, employees and the public your company’s support for promoting human rights, peace and accountability. As a sponsor, your company will be recognized by thousands of Canadians as a sector thought leader with a strong sense of social responsibility. PeaceTalks give attendees the opportunity to hear first hand from world-leading experts on pressing global issues, attendees are also matched with volunteer opportunities. Past PeaceTalks topics have included Peace, Human Rights, and the Mining Sector; Why Violent Conflicts Recur and Ebola-Their Problem or Ours?

The PeaceGeeks team consists of highly qualified and dedicated staff committed to helping peacebuilding and human rights organizations and campaigns to reach their target audience at home and abroad. We highly recommend working with them.
Anna Kohler, Berghof Foundation
Sponsor a Hackathon

Sponsoring a Hackathon means that your company will join a movement. In partnership with our valued sponsors, PeaceGeeks hosts Vancouver Random Hacks of Kindness (RHOK) events. RHOK’s are engaging Hackathons that bring together not-for-profit organizations and innovators from around the world to create technology and communications solutions for social change. By sponsoring a RHOK your company will be recognized as a leader in pioneering social change and will play a critical role in promoting peace and human rights.

Results Matter

We don't just promise to make a difference, we do make a difference. Results matter and we make every effort to be sure that we're having a very real impact. With a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation program we measure important indicators of success such as how our tools and resources made more people aware of our partner's cause or got them involved in it. We measure the things that count so that we, and you, can be sure that PeaceGeeks made the difference.

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