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Settlement 2.0: Innovation is in our DNA

PeaceGeeks received funding from IRCC to develop a vision and action plan for exploring how technology and innovation can best facilitate settlement outcomes for supporting newcomers. The intent is to provide a strategy for a brighter future for the sector that prioritizes empowering newcomers to be agents in their own settlement journey and which builds the overall capacity of the sector to embrace innovation towards more successfully and sustainably supporting newcomers over time. Settlement 2.0 explores the pre-conditions necessary so that change can happen, and how the sector can embrace technology and innovation in service delivery with the goal of helping newcomers to Canada to thrive.

Learn more about the complete Settlement 2.0 project here.

Take a look at the full report here as well as the report summary.



Apr 30, 2020

PeaceGeeks Announces Jennifer Freeman as Chief Executive Officer

Renee Black Steps Down as Executive Director

VANCOUVER, BC; March 10, 2020 — PeaceGeeks, a nonprofit organization that builds digital tools to empower communities in pursuit of peace, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jennifer Freeman as Chief Executive Officer effective April 1, 2020. Jennifer will lead the global team from the Vancouver head office.

Renee Black, who founded PeaceGeeks in 2011 and has since served as Executive Director, will step down from her role following the completion of the CEO transition plan at the end of April 2020.

“The Board of Directors would like to thank Renee for her leadership and unwavering commitment to PeaceGeeks,” said Simon Canning, Chair of the Board. “Renee led PeaceGeeks from an idea to an award-winning organization with a team of 17 and offices in Canada and Jordan. PeaceGeeks started as a grassroots, volunteer-run group and evolved to a nonprofit leader in building and leveraging technology for peace—receiving generous support from, the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia, and other corporate partners and individuals.”

Jennifer is a peacebuilder who has worked in conflict zones, refugee settlements, nonprofits, universities, and with peacebuilders in over 55 countries. Before joining PeaceGeeks, Jennifer was a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics’ Centre for Women, Peace and Security; and the Associate Director for the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice at the University of San Diego where she oversaw their domestic and international peacebuilding programs.

“We are honoured to welcome Jennifer to the team,” added Simon Canning. “Jennifer has been at the forefront of developing strategic initiatives and public-private partnerships that leverage technology to enhance the safety, security, and agency of peacebuilders around the world. We are confident the vision Renee has persevered to accomplish over the last several years will continue to flourish under Jennifer’s direction.”

Renee will continue providing fundraising and strategic support to Jennifer and the PeaceGeeks team through the Board of Directors after her departure.

“It has been an incredible journey at PeaceGeeks,” said Renee. “I look forward to seeing the organization continue to grow and make a positive impact around the globe under Jennifer’s leadership."


For more information, contact:

Simon Canning

Mar 10, 2020

5 Reasons to Participate in our #GiveItUp4Peace Challenge

This October, PeaceGeeks marks seven years in ‘business’ along with our third annual #GiveItUp4Peace challenge.

Why “#GiveItUp4Peace”?

Every day, refugees around the world are forced to give up everything they’ve known in face of conflict and displacement. PeaceGeeks’ projects aim to equip refugees, newcomers and communities at risk with the resources to restore and promote peace.


In solidarity with those forced to give up everything, PeaceGeeks invites you to give up one thing for the entire October — e.g. coffee, hot showers, driving. Share your story on social media and help us raise money through pledges towards PeaceGeeks’ ongoing projects!


Sign up at to start your pledge page, or donate to the cause. (It’s not too late to join part way through October!). And be sure to come out to our Launch Party on Oct. 1!

How has #GiveItUp4Peace impacted our work?

This fundraising campaign has been absolutely essential in making PeaceGeeks’ work possible.


In 2016, participants gave up things like coffee, driving, and alcohol, and raised more than $30,000, which enabled us to launch one of our major projects, the Service Advisor web app for United Nations Refugee Agency, connecting refugees in Jordan and Turkey to the humanitarian services they need most.


This year, our goal is to raise a total of $45,000 to support our critical programs helping communities at risk to use tech for peace: the Pathways app that helps newcomers settle in Canada, and Meshkat Community which empowers the next generation of digital peacebuilders in Jordan to combat violence and polarization online.


By signing up at, you’ll join amazing individuals and companies like Unbounce, Axiom Zen and Flipboard who are engaging their teams to #GiveItUp4Peace.


If you’re still not sure why you should participate, here are 5 reasons to join this year’s #GiveItUp4Peace campaign:

1.  You’ll be helping refugees and immigrants settle in Canada

The money we raise through #GiveItUp4Peace will heavily impact the pilot development phase of our Pathways app project.


With Canada committing to welcome 1 million newcomers by 2020, PeaceGeeks launched the Pathways app project to help refugees and immigrants navigate everything they need to do for settling and thriving in Canada.


Designed alongside refugees, immigrants, and all the major settlement organizations and community service providers in Metro Vancouver (such as MOSAIC, ISSofBC, SUCCESS), the app connects newcomers with a timely and personalized action plan of community resources and settlement services, tailored to their needs, circumstances and stages of settlement. The app will be piloted in Metro Vancouver in spring 2019 and will directly impact 153,000 new immigrants who currently live in the region.


Your participation in #GiveItUp4Peace will help us expand the app to be used in other places in BC, as well as across Canada. We are also planning upgrades and new features, including a mentorship module that matches newcomers to local career mentors online, as well as ways to gather service feedback to strengthen settlement service delivery. Join #GiveItUp4Peace to be a part of the exciting development of this powerful digital tool for newcomers!

2.  You’ll be empowering young changemakers in under-resourced communities in Jordan to combat violence and polarization online

Another major project supported by #GiveItUp4Peace funds is our Meshkat Community program in Jordan. This community-focused program builds the digital skills and networks of individuals working to promote peaceful dialogue and cohesion in the Middle East.


Meshkat Community (مجتمع مِشكاة) was launched by PeaceGeeks in Jordan in 2017, and runs workshops, incubation programs, collaborative networks and a digital hub for youth and members of at-risk and under-resourced communities. Through these, participants are engaged to identify local risk factors of violence and polarization, and learn to use the power of locally-relevant content — blogs, audio, videos, visual art, social media — to strengthen peace and tolerance online.


With the money we raise together, we can multiply our impact by expanding to new communities in Jordan and to other countries in the Middle East. Want to expand the reach of an impactful education program that leverages digital tools across the Middle East? Join #GiveitUp4Peace.

3.  You’ll be ensuring our local programs like PeaceTalks and Hackathons are continually accessible to all

PeaceTalks and Hackathons are two programs based in Vancouver that aim to inspire individuals to drive social change and contemplate the role of technology in peace. Both programs to date have been free to participate, thanks to support from our fundraising campaign and sponsors.


PeaceTalks is our signature speaker series that sparks open discussion on timely and critical issues at the intersection of peace, human rights and technology. Look out for our upcoming PeaceTalks in the next coming months on topics including: independent journalism and the upcoming elections in the DRC, blockchain in humanitarian contexts, and more.


In partnership with community organizations and other nonprofits, we also host hackathons around once per year, including "idea hackathons" using design thinking for human-centred design as well as traditional code sprints. We’ve tackled issues including local immigrant settlement, crisis response and secure documentation of human rights violations.


We hope you’ll help us continue bringing people together in tech for peace, by supporting our #GiveItUp4Peace campaign.

4. It’s a great way to encourage team building, show that your company values helping communities promote peace, and see your impact firsthand.

We also encourage you to participate in the #GiveItUp4Peace campaign with your colleagues as a corporate team. Why?


#GiveItUp4Peace is a great way to encourage team building and gives you the opportunity to do something interesting together with your coworkers for a good cause. Come out with your colleagues on October 1, the first day of the campaign, for the #GiveitUp4Peace launch party. Enjoy Syrian cuisine, beer from Dageraad, live music from Ugandan community activist hip-hop group Free Nation and former refugee John Michael Koffi, raffle prizes and more!


#GiveItUp4Peace is also a great way to show that your company values social responsibility and helping communities promote peace. A designated PeaceGeeks ambassador will be available to help you coordinate employee engagement and marketing opportunities. For instance, PeaceGeeks can host a Lunch and Learn session at your office on the projects you’re supporting, with the possibility to Skype into our projects to see your impact in real-time.

Here's how your funds can sponsor young changemakers in under-resourced communities in Jordan to use tech for peace, through Meshkat Community:


  • $250: Gives 25 hours of training for one at-risk youth to learn digital skills for peacebuilding
  • $500: Gives month-long leadership training for one at-risk youth through the Digital Peace Youth Network
  • $1,250: Equips and trains one community organization to run local community resilience projects
  • $4,000: Hosts a multi-day workshop for 25 youth on digital skills training and peace promotion
  • $7,500: Sets up a Digital Peace Creators Lab in under-resourced communities, so youth can regularly access media equipment, meet mentors and incubate projects.

5. You'll be part of our changemaking community

The impact of #GiveItUp4Peace doesn’t just end on October 31. It’s a continuous journey to empower more communities in the pursuit of peace. There are many opportunities to stay involved: from participating in our PeaceTalks series, to coming out to our hackathons, to joining other social events, or volunteering with PeaceGeeks.

What Next?

Now that you know all about our 2018 #GiveUp4Peace October campaign, what is your next step?

Sign up to participate or donate to the cause at

And come out to the Launch Party on Oct. 1, 6-9PM at the HiVE
— everyone is welcome so invite your friends!


So, what will you give up?

Sep 26, 2018

Announcing Meshkat Community Peace Awards لمزيد من المعلومات باللغة العربية، يرجى زيارة الرابط التالي:

Meshkat Community announces the launch of our annual Peace Awards contest. The awards are targeting content creators, youth and community-based leaders and peacebuilders to create innovative, relevant, and timely content that promotes constructive conversations, inclusion, understanding, and resilience in areas such as women, youth, religious communities, minorities, refugees and people with disabilities.

You can apply with one of the following types of content:

  • Fine arts (paintings, murals, etc.)
  • Music or soundtracks
  • Video content (animations, documentaries, short and long movies) including:
    • Short films (1 - 5 minutes)
    • Feature-length films
  • Performing arts and shows
  • Creative writing including script writing, storytelling, etc.

Eligibility Criteria
In order for your application to be considered eligible, you must:

  • Be a resident of the Kingdom of Jordan
  • Submit an original piece of content using one of the above types of content
  • Use a theme relevant to peace, inclusion, understanding and resilience
  • Apply by midnight on April 19 2019
  • Describe how you will use the award to produce more content related to Meshkat themes

Winning submissions will be decided by a panel of local jury of celebrities, experts and influencers who will evaluate the content for quality, creativity, coherence, impact, technical strength and thematic relevance. Awards will be presented on May 10 at 6pm. Details on location to follow.

Apply now!

For more information, please send an email to or call Ahmad at  +962 7 9765 2111

Meshkat Community empowers digital content creators in the Arab World, particularly youth to respond positively to hate, polarization, discrimination and extremism both online and offline spaces.

Join us Online!

Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -
YouTube -

Meshkat Community is a PeaceGeeks project. This project is funded by the Government of Canada.

Mar 19, 2018

الإعلان عن بدء التقديم لمسابقة جوائز التسامح من منظمة عباقرة السلام PeaceGeeks

For information in English, please visit


يُعلن مشروع مجتمع مشكاة المنفذ من قبل منظمة "عباقرة السلام" PeaceGeeks عن فتح باب التقديم لمسابقة جوائز التسامح والتي ستعقد كُل عام بشكل دوري بدعم من الحكومة الكندية. تستهدف هذه المسابقة المُبدعين والمؤثرين والقادة من صانعي المحتوى في الأردن لخلق محتوى معاصر حول  موضوع الخطاب البديل والتركيز على قيم التسامح والأصالة والمحبة وتعزيز مفاهيم الوسطية والتآلف والانسجام المجتمعي من خلال تسليط الضوء على القضايا المتعلقة ب المرأة والشباب والأقليات الدينية واللاجئين والتشجيع على الحوار البنّاء .


يمكنكم المُشاركة معنا بأي محتوى فنّي من المحتويات التالية:

١-فنون تشكيلية (رسم كاريكاتير، رسوم فنية، جداريات،..الخ)

٢-موسيقى أو مقاطع صوتية

٣-مقاطع فيديو أو مقاطع أفلام قصيرة (من دقيقة لخمسة دقائق)  أو أفلام طويلة هادفة

٤-فنون أدائية وعروض مسرحية

٥-فنون كتابية (مدونات مكتوبة أو مرئية، شعر، تقارير، نصوص لمسلسلات وأفلام، نثر، حالات دراسية،..الخ)


شروط الإشتراك:


١- أن يكون المتقدم للجائزة من داخل المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية

٢-أن يستخدم المتقدم واحداً من أنواع المُحتوى المذكورة أعلاه لتوظيفها لخلق فكرة لم يتم العمل عليها سابقاً تدعم قيم التسامح والوسطية ونبذ الخلاف والتطرف وخطاب الكراهية

٣-أن يكون المحتوى الفني باللغة العربية

٤-تقديم تصور حول  كيفية استخدام المنحة في المستقبل لتطوير محتوى بديل  بالتعاون مع مجتمع مشكاة


*ينتهي التقديم بتاريخ  التاسع عشر من أبريل/ نيسان ٢٠١٨، منتصف الليل


 سيتم تقديم الجوائز بعد ترشيح المُتسابقين الفائزين من لجنة التحكيم بناءًا على جودة الأداء والأفكار المطروحة في إحتفال إعلان الجوائز الذي سيتم عقده في السادس من شهر أيار ٢٠١٨ الساعة السادسة مساءًا و سيتم الإعلان عنه لاحقاً بكامل التفاصيل، المنح المُقدّمة للفائزين سيتم استخدامها للعمل على تطوير محتوى فنّي في المستقبل بالتعاون مع مجتمع مشكاة.


سيتم اختيار المشاركات بناءًا على مجموعة من المعايير:

١- تنسيب لجنة التحكيم والتي تتكون من مجموعة من الفنّانين والخبراء والأشخاص المؤثرين

٢-جودة الأداء العمل الفني الذي تم تقديمه للمسابقة.ومدى تأثيره

٣-مدى تلائم المحتوى مع موضوع المُسابقة.


لتقديم يُرجى زيارة الرابط التالي :


إذا كان لديكم أي استفسار يُرجى التواصل مع فريق عمل مجتمع مشكاة على العناوين التالية:





البريد الإلكتروني:


مجتمع مشكاة هو أحد مشاريع منظمة PeaceGeeks في المنطقة العربية وهو مشروع يهدف لتعزيز مفاهيم التسامح والوسطية والتآلف والانسجام المجتمعي من خلال برامج و ورشات تدريبية ممنهجة تستهدف عدة شرائح من المجتمع منهم الرموز السياسية والدينية وصانعي الأفلام والمحتوى. كما يهدف لدعم المواهب والطاقات الشابة وتسليط الضوء على أعمالهم الفنية والإبداعية.  مجتمع مشكاة يعمل على دعم تطوير محتوى بديل هادف ومعتدل في الفضاء الإلكتروني و يهدف إلى التعزيز والتأكيد على قيم الوسطية والعدالة ، كما ويقوم مجتمع مشكاة بالعمل على توفير مساحات للحوار ويقدّم العديد من الفرص التطوعية لأبناء المجتمع.


روابطنا على مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي:



Mar 18, 2018

PeaceGeeks partners with IRC and Mercy Corps for Signpost project

As of October 2017, PeaceGeeks is pleased to announce its involvement in the Signpost project in partnership with major humanitarian organizations International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps.

Learn more about Signpost here.

Signpost project

Signpost is an inter-agency collaboration between the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Mercy Corps and PeaceGeeks. Combining the efforts of PeaceGeeks' Services Advisor and IRC & Mercy Corps' Refugee.Info platforms, Signpost is a digital initiative providing the humanitarian community with a platform to reach refugees, asylum seekers and crisis-affected communities around the world with accessible information. Each Signpost channel provides users context-specific, up-to-date information on vital needs such as legal rights, transportation, and medical services in multiple languages — empowering individuals to make informed decisions at the most critical moments.

Together, we aim to build the go-to platform for trustworthy, responsive and accessible humanitarian information for vulnerable communities in conflict and crisis worldwide. The platform harnesses social media and other digital tools to gather, share and exchange information that helps refugees and other members of vulnerable groups make critical life-saving decisions. These tools are designed to complement traditional human rights protection programming with the overarching outcome of reaching and increasing the safety of crisis-affected populations.

For more information, visit:

Dec 1, 2017

Meet Mack Hardy, PeaceGeeks' Chief Technology Geek

On Friday I sat down with Affinity Bridge CEO Mack Hardy at his company’s offices in the beautiful and historic Dominion Building in Vancouver. Mack volunteers as PeaceGeeks’ Chief Technology Geek and has spent over eleven years using technology to create a positive change in the world. His company, Affinity Bridge, focuses on software development for social and environmental change, and works with clients like Creative Commons, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, as well as PeaceGeeks.

I talked with Mack about Affinity Bridge’s involvement with PeaceGeeks, the Services Advisor platform, and much more.

Q: How did you get started with PeaceGeeks?

I was asked to help out with some of the projects by a friend who was already volunteering, got interested and became more and more involved.  Can’t believe that was four years ago. 

A few years ago I would’ve said, ‘Oh yeah, tech can do it all.’ Now though, I really think that it’s about personal relationships. I think tech is just a bridge to the relationships between people. It’s a reminder to us all that everyone who’s tweeting, on Facebook, Whatsapp—they’re all just people trying to talk to their people.


Q: What are the unique needs and challenges that you face developing software for non-profits?

A: One of the biggest challenges designing or developing products for non-profits is that they have limited internal technical capabilities. So, we’ve been focusing on building open source stacks that are good for collaborating. Sometimes in a small business you might try to build something that’s your intellectual property, but instead, we’re trying to maximize impact and keep the whole platform open to collaboration. Services Advisor has huge amounts of volunteer writing in it, and a lot that was accomplished during a two-day hackathon is still being used in the core platform.

Q:  What are some PeaceGeeks projects that Affinity Bridge has worked on?

A: The Amani platform, which was a PeaceGeeks platform we helped build out, was focused on developing a base website for tracking locations of incident reports—in Sudan, it was incidents of violence. We’ve had folks from other parts of the world take this Drupal open source CMS stuff we built and run with it—because it’s accessible and there’s a lot of good functionality in there.

With Services Advisor, the UNHCR is already working on problems faced by refugees, so we’re trying to bring the technology up so it bridges information gaps in their programs. It’s not always that technology is the solution to real world problems, but you have to fit the solution to the problem set.

Q: One issue Services Advisor is facing right now is making it scalable. In theory Services Advisor could be used for all 16 million UNHCR refugees and in humanitarian crises worldwide. Without getting too technical, if possible, what are the challenges to scalability?

A: There’s a bunch of different challenges. One main technical challenge is building one platform that fits the needs of all the different instances it could be used in. Currently the way Services Advisor is structured is that there’s one set of software and we run a copy of it for every group. So with UNHCR Jordan, Somalia and Turkey, we’re replicating the code and running a copy of it. It’s very much like the prototype—but with an accessible back end for service providers. And now the roadmap will take us to where the app is like a cloud hosted app like Gmail or Google Maps, where you create an account and run the platform.

One of the design challenges will be that not everyone wants the same flavour milkshake. Each situation is contextual and different—and will have different needs and requirements for the app. That’s some of the stuff we’ll figure out along the way, but we’re basically trying to solve the same kind of problem—access to valid information. We’ll put stuff on the map that’s vetted information from the provider of the program that says, 'Yes, this program happens on Wednesdays at 3 o’clock, we’re running it until March, and then it’s done.' Having reliable information is the ultimate goal. One of the benefits of the new Services Advisor is that the information is vetted by the people providing it. It also gives service providers the ability to find each other and make reliable referrals.

Q: What do you see and hope for the future of Services Advisor? What do you see as its potential? What could the impact be if everything went right?

A: We’re just at the beginning. I think we’re getting to the point where we can begin to see the real impact. On the roadmap for the future, if we scale the platform, we want to employ the double strategy of better technology and human coordination. Providing reliable information to people that need it, at scale, would be a great thing.

I think some of the real impact remains to be seen, but the problem is so vast that there’s a ton of work that needs to be done, so it’s hard to measure. But, there’s so much need that anything that makes any impact is better than nothing.

Q: Why should the private sector want to be engaged with non-profits like PeaceGeeks? If the private sector does want to be engaged with humanitarian organizations, what kind of help can the private sector offer?

A: I think something that has worked really well for PeaceGeeks is partnering with tech companies like Affinity Bridge, Appnovation and Axiom Zen, to leverage their technical capabilities to help push PeaceGeeks’ tech forward. Hackathons where developers from these companies come in and help has been huge. It allows PeaceGeeks to develop a long term plan in collaboration with corporations—as opposed to the old model where a non-profit gets a grant, hires a bunch of people and then the project is over when the money runs out. PeaceGeeks keeps their core small and their leverage big.

Other corporate partners for PeaceGeeks, like The Hive and Lush have been amazing supportive partners for a long time. Their power to amplify PeaceGeeks’ message is really important. Their support, financial and otherwise, covers home base for PeaceGeeks and allows them to do what they do.

Corporate citizenship really reflects to values of the people running the companies. Customers care about that too. There’s such a benefit for companies to do business and be associated with non-profits like PeaceGeeks. The rise of B corporations shows how important it is to customers that the companies they support have social mandates. 

Q: Do you think there’s limit or ceiling to how tech companies can impact humanitarian causes and peacebuilding? Can tech do it all, do we not need governments, etc.?

A: A few years ago I would’ve said, 'Oh yeah, tech can do it all.' Now though, I really think that it’s about personal relationships. I think tech is just a bridge to the relationships between people. It’s a reminder to us all that everyone who’s tweeting, on Facebook, Whatsapp—they’re all just people trying to talk to their people. We’ve got to have compassion for all people in the world. And certainly tech can contribute, raise money, help provide tools, but it’s not a solution. It’s just a delivery mechanism for the kind of response that needs to be made.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Written by Max Wood

Feb 9, 2017

PeaceGeeks & Appnovation Announce Partnership

PeaceGeeks is very excited to announce a new partnership with Vancouver technology company Appnovation. Their team is contributing to the development of a new theme for the Amani Zen platform. To find out more about Appnovation and this partnership, visit

Jul 24, 2015

Apply to Partner with PeaceGeeks by October 10

Are you ready to partner with PeaceGeeks?

PeaceGeeks is looking for grassroots organizations in developing and conflict- affected areas who are interested in using technology to protect human rights in their community. We believe that grassroots organizations understand these types of issues better than anyone else and we would like to help your organization create the right solutions to them. We therefore invite you to learn more about what PeaceGeeks does and how partnering with us can make a difference in the work that you do. Partnership applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but we have an upcoming project in-take, for project starting in October! If you are ready to get started, please submit your project by September 30, 2014!

What PeaceGeeks Does:

  • We create and deploy new websites for our partners based on their needs. (See Amani section below);
  • We help our partners to increase awareness of their organization locally and internationally by providing communications and design consulting that improves their branding and online presence;
  • We assist our partners in protecting the privacy of their information, and that of the people they help, from anti-democratic governments and groups;
  • We provide our partners with social media and communications training that enables them to more effectively share information with their community, supporters, and organizational partners;
  • We provide our partners with feedback on how effective their website is at communicating important information and suggest how it could be improved

The PeaceGeeks Promise:

PeaceGeeks has a record of reliably providing services to its non-profit partners and it promises
that by partnering with us your organization will be able to:

  • Present itself professionally to current and potential supporters
  • Create more awareness of your work and the issues at home and abroad
  • Collect and present data that shows the impact of your work
  • Have a website that is easy to manage and keep up to date
  • Have a new or improved online presence


Are you Eligible to Partner with PeaceGeeks

You are if you:

1. Are a grassroots, non-profit organization based in a developing or conflict affected area.
2. Have a demonstrated track-record focused on the promotion of peace, human rights or accountability.
3. Possess content to populate website (such as photos, videos, newsletters, articles, documents stating mission, vision, programs etc.)
4. Have team resources able to commit to at least 5 hours per week to this project.
5. Experience using computers and the internet.
6. Can provide two references from independent organizations who can testify to your organization’s track record.

We do not partner with organizations that:

1. Are involved in partisan politics.
2. Have links to terrorist activities.
3. Engage in religious proselytizing or conversion activities.
4. Are based in the Global North and do not have partner organizations in the Global South (i.e. organizations based in the Global North that run projects in the Global South)

How to Apply:

To partner with PeaceGeeks please follow our quick two-step process that will help us to
understand your needs and how we can help you:
1. Apply to be a PeaceGeeks Partner
2. Submit a Project Request

About PeaceGeeks

PeaceGeeks is a Canadian non-profit organization that builds technology partnerships with grassroots, non-profit organizations in developing and conflict-affected areas to transform their efforts to promote peace, human rights and accountability. Established in 2011, we have worked with groups in Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Egypt, Palestine, Nepal, Philippines and Indonesia who focus on a range issues including gender-based violence, engaging youth in peacebuilding and development, empowering women through self-sufficiency and building networks of women in leadership. We have an established team of over 200 volunteer professionals experienced in fields such as web and software development, graphic design, communications, marketing, project management, social media and online security. Please see our website for more details.

Sep 24, 2014

Renee Black: UN Alliance of Civilizations Fellow

Our Executive Director, Renee has been traveling. She is now a Fellow of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. The purpose of this fellowship programme is to enhance understanding between Muslim majority countries in the Arab community. A number of participants were chosen for this fellowship and had the opportunity to travel between three Muslim-majority countries in the Arab world, Europe and North America. Throughout the three weeks, participants connected with NGO's and government representatives in attempt to bridge the gap between the Muslim and Western world. Participation is based upon nomination and Renee was nominated based on her work with PeaceGeeks! Her efforts towards a more peaceful world are being recognized and shared with others.

Jan 22, 2014


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