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Areas of Focus

We empower marginalized communities and help partners to strengthen peace, accountability and human rights.
Who We Help

PeaceGeeks is committed to building the capacities of grassroots non-profit organizations and vulnerable communities in developing and conflict-affected countries. We strive to ensure that they have effective means to leverage technology for the advancement of peace, good governance, accountability and human rights. While the technical aspects of our projects may be varied, all of our partnerships touch on one or more of the thematic priorities. The majority of our partners are situated in the Middle East and North Africa, but we also work with partners in other corners of the world, from Nepal to Vanuatu. 

Good Governance and Advancing Democracy

Civil society actors provide accountability, cultivate legitimacy and deliver programmatic support in conflict-affected societies. Through these activities, grassroots civil society actors in the global south bolster the efforts of government, international organizations and NGOs to promote peace and human rights. 

PeaceGeeks recognizes and supports the efforts of organizations through the development of web applications that assist in monitoring, reporting and crowdsourcing data.  

Project Examples: Aid Watch Palestine, Services Advisor, Nigerian elections monitoring 

Gender Equality

In an increasingly interconnected world, the women's ability to leverage information communications technology becomes an increasingly important factor in furthering advocacy efforts, economic opportunity and gender equality. Through our various technology projects and capacity building workshops, PeaceGeeks aims to empower women and help equality advocates amplify local voices. 

PeaceGeeks has responded to the call for action outlined in the Beijing Platform for Action by providing both the tools and training so that women can successfully leverage technology for their economic and social advancement.  Our numerous projects with gender-focused organizations underscore our belief that technology can facilitate efforts to eradicate poverty, improve human security and respond to numerous other challenges.  

Project Examples: Women’s NGO Secretariat of Liberia, Global Network of Women Peacebuilders, Young Women Entrepreneurs Kenya

Promoting Safe and Stable Societies

PeaceGeeks is committed to ensuring that vulnerable populations in conflict-affected regions have the tools necessary to monitor threats to safety (e.g. hate speech monitoring and collecting data on reported incidents of violence) while simultaneously empowering these groups to combat dangerous speech and practices through projects such as counter-narrative production, sentiment analysis and the production of data-based reports to support human rights advocacy efforts.  


Project Examples: Community Empowerment for Progress Organization, Fontaine-Isoko and Harassmap 

Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building

Capacity building is fundamentally about the empowerment of our partners.  Creating strong civil society members that can autonomously promote safe and equitable societies is a fundamental objective of our organization.  Through training sessions, intuitive technology platforms, toolkits and resource guides, PeaceGeeks empowers its partners to take ownership of projects by setting and achieving their own objectives. For example, PeaceGeeks devotes at least 35 hours of remote training and coaching to on-the-ground civil society actors for each of its Amani website deployments.  Over the last three years, that represents over 1000 hours of training provided by PeaceGeeks on one of our many technology platforms.   In turn, these partners become vital members of their communities and have the capacity to respond to development challenges in a manner that is most suitable to the unique cultural, geographic and political dynamics of their region. 

Connecting technology innovators to implementors is central to our purpose.  PeaceGeeks is an active member of the ICT4P community, through our extensive network of expertise and partners such as the Digital Humanitarians Network, Random Hacks of Kindness, as well as Build Peace and the Ushahidi communities.  Furthermore, PeaceGeeks has experience leading collaboration between actors in the private sector, non-profit community, academia and with international organizations. 

The pervasive nature of technology creates new multidisciplinary realities for human rights work, while unfortunately producing “silos” that separate policy actors, technology developers and traditional human rights actors.  Since its inception, PeaceGeeks has sought to break down the barriers between these groups through an interdisciplinary approach that effectively engages a wide variety of actors and stakeholders in peacebuilding by organizing events such as PeaceTalks and the Google Hangout Series. 

Project Examples: PeaceTalks, Digital Security Training, Website Development Training

Digital Support for Humanitarian Crisis

As a member of the Digital Humanitarians Network, PeaceGeeks is often called upon to provide expertise and volunteers in support of humanitarian crises.  Within the DHN, PeaceGeeks participates in projects that require: real-time monitoring of mainstream and social media, rapid geo-location of event and infrastructure data, creation of live crisis maps for decision support, data development and cleaning as well as GIS and big data analysis. In 2015, PeaceGeeks established the Emergency Task Force, a team comprised of specialized volunteers that are on-call and ready to respond to humanitarian and environmental disasters.   

Project Examples:  Services Advisor, Ebola Health Care Facilities Mapping, Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu