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Who We Are

PeaceGeeks is a global non-profit, volunteer organization that uses technology to build the technological, communications and management capacities of grassroots organizations who work to promote peace, accountability and human rights. We develop partnerships with these organizations to provide meaningful support designed to increase their skills, effectiveness and impact.

What We Do

Technology has rendered individuals more powerful than ever. We put technology and communications tools in the hands of peacebuilders, human rights defenders and humanitarian responders. We connect them with skilled volunteers so they can gain access to relevant technology, tools and training. With these tools, we empower civil society organizations to build safer and more stable societies, cultivate good governance, promote gender equality, respond to humanitarian crisis, and share critical knowledge.

Our Mission

We build technology and innovation capacities to strengthen peace, human rights and humanitarian response.

Our Vision

A world where changemakers are empowered to amplify local voices, build local resilience, and make communities safer

Our Values: Empowerment
We empower our grassroots partners by focusing on opportunities that further their mission, and by acting as equals with shared commitment.
Our Values: Empathy
We work in inherently challenging situations, therefore we commit to acting with patience and empathy.
Our Values: Openness
We commit to being open, honest and transparent, and to prioritizing open sources technologies.
Our Values: Learning
We are agile and resourceful, we commit to learning equally from success and failure, and we strive to create opportunities for growth.
Our Values: Engagement
Volunteers are the life of our organization, and we commit to connecting them to something larger than themselves and recognizing their contribution.
Our Values: Collaboration
We build strong and complementary teams towards creating effective and collaborative partnerships with our partners.
Founders' Story
PeaceGeeks was founded in 2010 and has since grown into a global organization of over 700 volunteers.
Renee Black

Stories create change; they inspire us and move us to action. My story with PeaceGeeks began in 2010 at the UN during the 10-year anniversary of Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. I was struck by the incredible stories of brave men and women who worked in very difficult situations to end conflict and promote human rights - but mostly and how little we hear about these stories out the confines of policy circles. I committed myself to helping grassroots organizations from around the world to be seen and heard on the issues that matter most to them.

We often take for granted that very basic technological tools are inaccessible to many community-based organizations. During an interview with Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee in 2011, it became clear how little most people knew about the heroic efforts of the Liberian women’s movement and their role in ending 14 years of conflict. It wasn’t until the release of “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” that the world got to hear some of these stories of courage and unity. I wanted to make sure that groups like these had more opportunities to get the attention they deserved, so that they could influence local and international policy and action, and help to make peace, accountability and human rights a lived reality in their communities.

Today, PeaceGeeks has helped 26 non-profit groups to tell their story and reach people around the globe by connecting a network of 700 PeaceGeek volunteers, including corporate partners, to help build our partners’ technological and communications capacities. I am honoured to work alongside our partners, my fellow PeaceGeeks and our community partners who share our vision for a peaceful and connected world. If, like me, you are also motivated to help make a difference, join us! 

Soudeh Jamshidian

Have you ever felt that you left your heart somewhere and wished that you could find a way to feed your passion?

In fall 2010, I returned to Vancouver to resume my PhD after one year of serving the United Nations Environment Programme in Afghanistan. As UNEP’s environmental education and outreach expert, I worked with several brilliant people forming NGOs and thriving to improve people’s livelihood and promote peace and human rights.Afghanistan ignited a fire in my heart. I was eager to continue supporting those great local initiatives.

I read an article by Renee Black about the impact of technology on peace building and I started thinking what it can mean for an aid worker. For me, it all came together at the screening of a powerful documentary, Pray the Devil Goes Back to Hell that I met Renee. The energy from the film motivated discussions about how we can use technology to support civil society groups and how we can build and connect communities of volunteers and activists from developing and developed countries to work together for building peace. This was the first spark of Peace Geeks.

As a national environmental expert in Iran and international expert in Mali, India and Afghanistan, I witnessed how despite the rich local capacities, aid work relies heavily on western expertise. PeaceGeeks’ approach is a solution to long-term problems of traditional international aid such as cultural problems and high expenses of sending volunteers to developing countries. It leads to a modern aid work era of trusting grassroots organizations and building their capacity to reach local solutions. Join us and be a part of this global community of people who care and are committed to making a difference.

Charity & Society

PeaceGeeks is made up of both a non-charitable society - PeaceGeeks Society (PGS) - and a charitable society - PeaceGeeks International (PGI). Both organizations are based in British Columbia and partner with organizations based in conflict-affected places to support their development at grassroot level.


PeaceGeeks International is comprised solely of a Board of Directors which is responsible for approving and funding partner projects that qualify as charitable according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). As a registered Canadian charity, PGI files annual reports with the CRA and can issue tax receipts to qualified donors.

*Charitable business number: 84322 5939 RR0001.


PeaceGeeks Society executes all the projects approved by PeaceGeeks International and both funds and executes all PGS projects, some of which may not qualify as charitable according to the CRA. PGS also manages the operations of both organizations.