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Partner with PeaceGeeks

Thank you for your application to become a PeaceGeeks Partner!!! Applying to partner with PeaceGeeks is a two-step process.

Step 1: Complete the form below with as much information as possible (*required fields).

Step 2: Upload relevant documents on the Confirmation form that will appear after you hit Submit.

1. Contact Information

2. Organization Information

3. Reporting

Does your organization agree to provide regular progress reports, supported by evidence, to prove the receipt of resources and progress of the activity?

In the event that PeaceGeeks audits a project, does your organization agree to give PeaceGeeks access to relevant records on reasonable notice?

4. References

As part of our partner vetting process, PeaceGeeks requires two references from two other organizations that are familiar with the work and efforts undertaken by your organization.

5. Armed Groups Affiliation

To the best of your knowledge, is your organization or any of its members or affiliates associated in any way with armed groups, including state military, militias, private security firm , or any other armed group?

6. Political Activities

Please indicate what percentage of your organization’s overall resources (volunteer and paid hours, amount of money, etc.) are dedicated to each of these activities.

7. PeaceGeeks Help